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Changes to the Section 504 Design Requirements

Late last month, HUD announced changes to the accessibility design standards. This notice states that owners of multifamily properties under HUD Assistance (Section 8, HOME, etc) can now meet their accessible design obligations under Section 504 by comply...

How Weather Events Affect Your Inspection & How They Don't

In the last few months, we have received many phone calls, emails, and questions at speaking events from clients about how they can deal with damage from “bad weather”.  Here is a few examples of the questions we received and the responses...

Clarification on rules regarding LIHTC recapture and penalties

Last week in the IRS's LIHTC Newsletter, there was a reminder about non-compliance correctio...

New Implications of a Failing REAC Score

In January, Congress passed an appropriations bill (H.R. 3547) that had a number of rule changes for the affordable housing industry. One section of the appropriations bill deals specificially with enforcement on failed REAC Inspections:

"(Sec. 230) Requires...

How To Clear Issues When You Plan to Appeal

One of the most common questions that we receive about REAC appeals is "My Inspection just finished and I want to appeal something, but I have to fill out the 72-hour form for Contract Administrator saying it's "fixed" - what do I do? Essentially the form that y...

How income Calculations have changed with 4350.3 Chg 4

One of the recent updates in the HUD 4350.3 Chg4 relates to how income is verified and what is considered to be an acceptable form of verification and what isn't. This change has redefined the term "third-party verification" to include verification mat...

Why Did My REAC Score Go Down So Much?"

Over the last few months, our office has been busy answering phone calls from hundreds of property owners across the country – many of them with a similar question – why did my score go down so much? They say, "I did everything the s...

What You "Have to Have" on REAC and UPCS Inspections

This fall US Housing presented short and long format sessions at conferences from coast to coast, and the question that we received most frequently was related to what items were actually required as part of a REAC/UPCS Inspection.

To clarify thi...

HOME Program Adopts UPCS Inspection Standard

The 2013 Rule confirms the adoption of Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS).  UPCS are uniform national standards established by HUD for housing that is decent, safe, sanitary and in good repair.  These are newly adopted for the HOME program and will im...

Reasonable Accommodations That Create ADA/UFAS Issues (Additional Parking Spaces)

This summer we have noticed a trend while on-site doing either Capital Needs Assessments or UPCS (Pre-REAC) Inspections.  Some well-intentioned managers and property administrators are adding “accessible design” features...

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