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401(k) Accounts in HUD Sec 8 and LIHTC programs

Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • If a 401(k) account is only accessible if a hardship is proven, should the asset be considered when determining eligibility for a HUD or LIHTC household?
  • Does inve...

Quality in Compliance Matters  - Using Cloud Based Technologies for Compliance Monitoring 

Chichester, NH –January, 2016 - Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) has awarded US Housing Consultants, LLC the service contra...

Important REAC Update

Effective February 1, 2016, properties undergoing a UPCS/REAC Inspection will no longer be allowed to omit units reported to have bed bugs from their sample unit list. 

Building quality relationships to maximize customer experiences

Chichester, NH – January 2016 – US Housing Consultants and Grind-All, A division of Walkway Restoration, Inc. have entered into an exclusive business partnership that will provide high-quality services to property owners nationwide. US Hou...

Student Restrictions: HUD vs. LIHTC vs. HOME

US Housing Consultants receives numerous inquiries regarding student status and proper documentation of applicant/tenant files to ensure compliance. This article applies to properties with HUD Section 8, Low-Income Housing Tax C...

Verifying Assets for HUD/LIHTC Programs

In the affordable housing industry, asking the right questions and obtaining proper documentation are imperative when ensuring real estate owned by an applicant/tenant is handled in accordance with HUD and LIHTC requirements. This article ...

Are Tenant Actions A Condition Outside of the Your Control?

A client came to us recently with a response from HUD REAC denying their appeal, and they wanted to know why their database adjustment was denied. Under the rules for database adjustments (24 CFR 902.24 for public housing...

Maintenance Tips to Eliminate Deferred Maintenance

Without a doubt, a good maintenance program takes long-term planning and consistent workforce activity. The fact of the matter is that every property, new or old, will encounter unexpected maintenance issues from time to time. When this happens, whether it...

Employment Guidance for HUD and LIHTC Properties

Have you ever noticed that 3rd party Verification of Employment (VOE) forms and paycheck stubs don’t always match? What if your applicants don’t have 4-6 recent paycheck stubs? It is difficult to determine the best reasonable approach for calculating ant...

What Documents Are Required on REAC Inspection

The initial part of the REAC inspection is a review of documentation with the REAC Inspector. All of this documentation, with the exception of the generator run-up records, does not impact your overall score and is recorded mostly as a survey and direction for...

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