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US Housing Consultants uses a new UPCS and Pre-REAC Application called "InspectCheck" to perform Pre-REAC, UPCS inspections, Capital Needs, and Due Diligence and other property Inspections. Our software utilizes technology that allows our inspectors to provide reports to our clients the same day as our inspection. We can provide reports to our clients within minutes of completing an inspection—a complete report, not just a preliminary report. InspectCheck also creates instant scores, right on the Apple iOS or Android Tablet or smartphone; so our Inspection Analysts can show you how their findings are affecting your scores in real-time.

InspectCheck Is Much More than a Simple App

InspectCheck is a complete software package for apartment and facilities management, it includes the ability to perform Move In, Move Out, Annual, and Pre-REAC Inspections, as well as create your custom inspections forms and checklists. US Housing Consultants also uses InspectCheck to perform follow-up inspections, where we mark off items that have been completed from our Pre-REAC or Compliance Inspections. We rely heavily on the deep reporting features offered in InspectCheck, which allow us to provide our clients with clear, concise reporting quickly and efficiently.

What Sets Our Reporting Apart 

 Our Inspection Reports Include: 

If you are interested in how InspectCheck could help you eliminate your handwritten inspections and help you prepare for your inspections, contact InspectCheck today at (603) 782-2800 or The InspectCheck Website (

HUD Notice PIH 2013-17

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