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US Housing Speaking Engagements

A HUD, REAC, and UPCS Expert is Available to Speak at Your Next Seminar or Event

Need a speaker or presenter for your next company or organization seminar or event? US Housing Consultants offers a number of well-developed programs in 90 and 180-minute segments, covering a wide array of topics. From preparing for HUD REAC Inspections to every best practice for maintenance, REAC appeals, and everyday compliance with Section 504 and ADA disability regulations.

We are currently offering the following courses in both 90 minute and 180-minute segments:

  • Understanding REAC Inspections

    This speaking session has been presented more than 300 times in the last 10 years by our expert speakers and has a reputation for providing insight into the often misunderstood world of REAC Inspections. The speaker is Scott Precourt, President of US Housing Consultants, who combines humor with a series of well-crafted exercises to break the REAC scoring algorithm into what you need to know. If REAC scores are a concern for your company or members of your organization, then this will be a valuable addition to your agenda.

  • Unit Inspections for Property Managers/Administrators

    This session features a step-by-step breakdown of what site staff needs to look for when conducting inspections, covering the process of inspecting each component in a standard apartment under HUD guidelines as well as best practices to ensure that your property gets the best possible lifespan from your fixed assets. This session is a great addition to your seminar or meeting if you want to understand how you can set a better standard for unit inspections, including how to look at components for remaining life estimation.

  • Math and Misconceptions — Mastering REAC Appeals

    This session provides clarification on what exactly the rules are for REAC appeals, when they should be prepared and what the expectations are and are not. Many people we have spoken with in the industry have experienced both success and failure with REAC appeals; never quite sure why one appeal worked and the next fails. In this 90 minute session (no 3 hour class available on this subject), we cover the rules for appeals, what each type of appeal is required to have in terms of supporting documentation. With this course, everyone in your organization will be able to see why appeals exist, how they can be handled and included as part of your standard practices.
  • Understanding Section 504 and UFAS

    This course provides a detailed view of handicapped accessibility for site staff; how everyone at the property can learn what to look for when conducting their own inspection of units and common areas/site. This course comes with a complete transition plan/property compliance checklist designed specifically for multifamily housing; each student will be provided with a copy of the form and the course will explain, question by question, what site staff and property owners need to be looking for on multifamily properties. Learn how to quickly identify what is and what isn't non-compliance and how it can be best addressed.

If you have any questions about booking one or more of our speaking engagement sessions, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 603-223-0003 ex 104 today.

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