REAC & UPCS Training Seminar Schedule

REAC inspection training

Seminar and Webinars for REAC/UPCS Inspections and Compliance Competency Webinars

Join US Housing Consultants at our training seminars and webinars on HUD REAC/UPCS Inspections, and our HUD and Tax Credit "Compliance Competency Series". Our expert trainers can help you navigate the complex and constantly changing requirements in the affordable housing industry.  We offer full day training seminars throughout the country and regular webinars on REAC and HUD and LIHTC Compiance matters; we also offer a self-paced training series on HUD UPCS Inspection Requirements.


REAC Training

Compliance Competency Series - Preparing for MORs November 15, 2017

Join Us for next installment of our "Compliance Competency" Series. In this installment, This program will provide you with a summary of common MOR findings along with tips to cure those findings prior to an MOR. A listing of HUD-required documents that are required for each resident file will be reviewed. A chart identifying HUD’s MOR rating system will also be provided.

REAC Manual

Complete UPCS (REAC) Standards Handbook

Understanding REAC Manual and Guidebook

The complete manual to the UPCS Code and the REAC Process, including all of the updates to begin on October 1, 2017. Each and every violation, detailed in what makes each area a violation, as well as how the deficiences score at different types of properties. This guidebook shows you the entire history of UPCS and REAC, the rules on inspections, scoring, appeals, and how to prepare for inspections.

REAC Training

Compliance Competency Series - HUD vs. LIHTC Income Calculations December 20, 2017

Join Us for next installment of our "Compliance Competency" Series. In this installment, We all know that calculating an applicant or tenant’s income can be complicated and sometimes confusing. It gets even more challenging to get accurate calculations when properties have layered funding; sometimes the regulations are not the same! This program will focus on the intricacies of a HUD property that is layered with Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and some of the different income rules that apply.


Online REAC Training Series

This is a self-led online training course created by US Housing Consultants and brought to you in conjunction with National Church Residences

Get the full five-part series for only $250

REAC Training

REAC Success without the Stress -Vancouver, WA Postponed until spring

HUD REAC Inspection requirements saw many changes last year; adding new standards for inspector performance and new requirements for inspectors to check not only for the existence of issues but also the quality of repairs. We will cover all the new REAC changes and a thorough tutorial of what you need to know to ensure success on REAC without the stress.


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