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LIHTC training

Training for Tax Credit Compliance for Low-Income Housing

Understanding LIHTC Compliance Inspections by US Housing provides a one-day training on UPCS and UFAS Inspection Protocol for Low-Income Tax Credit and HOME Properties. This training seminar includes a complete training from the perspective of the UPCS Inspection Code as it relates to the 8823 Audit Guide. US Housing separates the rules that are for "REAC" and those items that are part of the UPCS Inspection Code and develops a way for inspection staff at HFAs, Syndicators, and State Agencies to better understand the codes. In one day, you will learn what to look for, how to assign the UPCS "severity levels" to deficiencies, and how to use the UPCS Inspection Code for your annual site visits. 

Our UPCS training for the Tax Credit program includes:

  • A Custom Guidebook that is created for your agency, including additional standards for your area (state, city, etc) are included in the specific relevant area.
  • A Full Day Course on UPCS and UFAS Violations and how to determine non-compliance for 8823s
  • A Handheld Field Guide for your staff to review findings during site visits

Develop An Inspection Policy That Utilizes UPCS & Your Own Standards

We have worked with Housing Finance Agencies and Investment Syndicators to develop an inspection protocol that combines all of the Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) required by the IRS with internal standards that are part of underwriting, QAP, and internal requirements of your agency. We have developed handbooks, checklists, and presentations that combine your internal standards into a central and easy to follow manual and process. You can create transparency, and easy to understand to standards for your agency, your sponsors, and your partners.

We offer a wide variety of inspection services and are recognized as one of the leaders in the field of multifamily housing. Call us for information on any of our inspection services: (877) 228-0003

UPCS field guide

REAC and UPCS Field Guide Version 3

UPCS Deficiency Field Guide with REAC Scoring

The Field Guide by US Housing is a pocket-sized booklet that you can carry with you and shows:

  • Exact language for every inspectable item in UPCS in an easy-to-read format
  • Every deficiency shows sample scoring for highrise & lowrise buildings 
  • 114 pages of important information, in a compact 5.8 x 4.1 booklet

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REAC Manual

Complete UPCS (REAC) Standards Handbook

Understanding REAC Manual and Guidebook

The complete manual to the UPCS Code and the REAC Process, including all of the updates to begin on October 1, 2017. Each and every violation, detailed in what makes each area a violation, as well as how the deficiences score at different types of properties. This guidebook shows you the entire history of UPCS and REAC, the rules on inspections, scoring, appeals, and how to prepare for inspections.


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