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Take Control of Your REAC Inspections by More Completely Understanding the Process

Understanding REAC Inspections by US Housing is a one day course that provides a comprehensive training of the scoring mechanisms of REAC, REAC Appeals, how UPCS Inspections are conducted, and the details of all of the violations of the UPCS Inspection Code. Understanding REAC Inspections provides a comprehensive training on how to understand REAC Inspection Protocols and learn to think about REAC Inspections from a perspective of Math—not Common Sense.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About REAC Inspections, Including:

  • A review of the UPCS Inspection Model and REAC Scoring Methods
  • Explanation of REAC Appeals and Inspection Processes
  • A Review of all of the UPCS Violations and how to best identify the issues, address the repairs and learn which issues carry more point-risk than other issues.

The Understanding REAC Inspection Seminar is offered privately as well as at our public training sessions.

CONTACT US for more information about private training sessions for your company or group/organization—we can provide you with the same great training course in the privacy of your office.

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