HUD and Tax Credit File Pre-Approval

LIHTC File Approval

Ensure Compliance on your HUD and Tax Credit Files

We offer a convenient, modern HUD and Tax Credit File Pre-Approval for proper compliance with HUD, Tax Credit, Public Housing, and HOME Compliance. Our one of a kind self-service file approval service allows you to submit files for approval at any hour of the day and get the results through this unconstrained process: 

  1. Clients upload resident files through a secure server website, and the files are immediately placed in a queue for review.
  2. Our Team of Compliance Analysts will review and provide an immediate review response within 24-48 hours, and all responses are received electronically.
  3. If the files are missing items or are found to be incorrect, the client will receive an electronic notification and will then just upload the corrections, which will be reviewed and cleared as they are received.

All documentation is permanently backed-up on an encrypted web server that the Client can access at any time.

Don't Risk Expensive and Time-Consuming Non-Compliance Issues

We will review tenant files to verify that each resident’s income matches up with their cost of rent, and we check these factors against the area income limitsYou can use US Housing Consultants' HUD and Tax Credit File Pre-Approval for any number of services and applications:

  • Move In Approval
  • Review and Approve All Certifications
  • Periodic Quality Control Checks
  • Workouts of Non-Compliance Issues
  • New Project Rent-Ups

Watch this brief video to learn more about our online Customer Compliance Portal

For more information, call us at our office at any time at 603-223-0003, ext 107 and ask for Judy Varrill.

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