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Tax Credit Compliance Team

HUD and Tax Credit File Audits, Pre-Approval and Reviews

Onsite File Audits and Pre-MOR Reviews

US Housing Consultants can provide onsite file audits or reviews of HUD, Tax Credit, Public Housing, and HOME projects. Our team of compliance analysts can review all or a portion of your resident files to determine if there are any issues of non-compliance. We can offer both a per-file or per-day cost, and provide you with a spreadsheet that details all of the issues and best practices for correcting the issues.

Whether you have just taken over a troubled property, have existing non-compliance issues you need to correct or want to prevent; or you are preparing for an HFA Audit or HUD MOR, we can perform a review for you that will give you a worst case scenario view of your property's compliance issues, and develop a plan to correct any issues that you have in your resident files. 

Electronic File Reviews and Audits

US Housing Consulting utilizes our Certification Approval service for compliance workouts and non-compliance correction on HUD, Tax Credit, and HOME Properties. We work with properties that send a percentage of the files on a weekly basis, gradually processing the files and their corrections until all of the resident files have been reviewed and corrected. This creates a more cost effective and less stressful process that achieves complete compliance in weeks or months and not years. Whatever the scenario, US Housing Consultants can develop a plan with you to find out what compliance issues exist and correct the issues with you.

LIHTC File Pre-Approvals

Ensure that every file completed for your residents is fully compliant before you file it away. It is accepted best practice in the affordable housing industry to have an independent third-party review your resident files before they move in; this prevents expensive non-compliance before it ever starts. With US Housing's file pre-approval service, you can submit the resident file at any hour of the day on a simple, secure upload site on our website, and within 24-48 hours you will get either an approval or an easy to understand breakdown of everything that is needed to gain approval. Unlike many other LIHTC pre-approval services, we do not provide approval until we are able to verify that all issues have been corrected; we work diligently to ensure that your assets are in compliance at all times. 

We offer a variety of inspection services for multifamily homes, including REAC inspections, UPCS, HUD, and LIHTC inspections. Call us for more information (877) 228-0003 

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