HUD & LIHTC Compliance Training


Our training courses are both affordable and top notch. We provide the must-have knowledge needed to stay in compliance.   

HUD & LIHTC training seminars allow affordable housing owners and their staff to be confident that they are staying in compliance. US Housing Consultants provides a one-day training course on HUD occupancy and low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) compliance that covers must-have, everyday knowledge for property managers. Our training seminar includes tips of the trade and a thorough, practical understanding of regulations so that you can always be confident that your resident files are up to date. If you are looking for a short and personalized training on a specific aspect of affordable housing compliance, then our custom web-based training would be an excellent option. Our training courses can cover EIV, Section 8, & REAC regulations, to name a few.

On-Site HUD & LIHTC Training

Other on-site affordable housing training sessions comparable to the one US Housing Consultants offers can cost upwards of $10,000 for a single day. Our one-day course is provided at a fraction of that price, costing only $2,500 (travel paid separately.) This means that you can afford to provide up to 25 members of your staff with HUD and low-income housing tax credit compliance training from a known industry leader. What’s more, we will hold our training privately at a location of your choice.

Our trainers will cover Chapter 5 of the HUD Handbook and will break down the totaling of income, assets, and expenses. Your staff will walk away with detailed knowledge and understanding of household eligibility rules and proper rent calculation. Property owners and managers know that the rules and regulations in Chapter 5 of the HUD 4350.3 are what cause the majority of anxiety, stress, and discomfort with HUD Section 8 compliance. Our trainers are well prepared to help you eliminate that stress by making clear what specifically is expected out of your next Management and Occupancy Review.

What To Expect From Our On-site HUD & LIHTC Compliance Training Course

 Our training will cover information that will help your staff do their jobs with confidence and accuracy. Our interactive courses include:

  • An overview of HUD subsidy programs
  • Information on how to determine qualified households
  • Tips on managing your wait list
  • Details about determining income and rent calculations
  • Instruction on Section 8 lease requirements
  • Guidance on tenant recertification
  • Specifics on unit transfer information
  • An explanation of gross rent changes

Custom Web-based HUD & LIHTC Compliance Training

In addition to affordable on-site training, US Housing Consultants offers one-on-one web training sessions that are customized to fit your compliance concerns. We can analyze documents pertaining to your staff’s greatest trouble areas and develop short, personalized web training meetings to fit individual needs. These one-on-one training sessions can include: rules and practices for HUD and Tax Credit properties, income and asset calculations, form requirements, leasing requirements, and updates and changes to the funding program, to name a few.

For our Certification Approval customers, we use a sophisticated database to track all of the issues ever found for each and every user and property. For our customers, we run reports and pinpoint exact areas of concern. We then use that information to create a custom training session that uses real-life examples and breaks down the ways to prevent issues from occurring. Our 60 to 90-minute custom sessions provide personalized, relevant information that will stick with your staff.

HUD & LIHTC training ensures that affordable housing owners stay in compliance year after year. So stop stressing about complicated regulations and contact US Housing Consultants today to schedule your training seminar. For more information, call us at our office anytime at 603-223-0003.

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