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EIV P and P


Our EIV Policy and Procedure template is updated with all of the most currnet HUD requirements; an easy to read Word doc that will take you through meeting the requirements and learning the process.

EIV Policy and Procedure Template

The intricate EIV (Enterprise Income Verification) requirements of the Multifamily HUD Section 8 program can be immensely confusing and time consuming. One of the most important requirements is that you have a well laid out EIV Policy and Procedure plan in place. Our EIV Policy and Procedure Template include the requirements as mandated by HUD. In addition, it also lays out a plan for how to actually handle EIV requirements. Our EIV policy is a plan for you to create an organized and sensible approach to EIV requirements, and do so quickly and easily.

Easy to Use EIV Policy Documents

Our EIV policy and procedure document is in an easy to use Microsoft Word document. All you need to do is insert your company name and adjust the requirements to meet any customizations that your company has added. If you should have any questions about the process, our team of expert compliance analysts is at your disposal at any time to help you make the EIV policy and procedure template work for your company.

Do I Have to Customize the Template?

No, you can use our template as is, just insert your company name and address and other specifics about your organization and then you can start using it immediately. Our EIV Policy and Procedure template has been reviewed in nearly every state in the country, and no issues have been reported. You can use our templates to guide yourself through the complicated and often confusing world of EIV, and show your Contract Administrator that you have all of the requirements under control.

What if EIV Requirements Change shortly after I purchase this Template?

US Housing Consultants will provide a free, revised Template if HUD changes any of the EIV requirements that affect the Policy and Procedure Template within six months of your purchase.

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