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Compliance Templates 

Staying in compliance with HUD and LIHTC policy requirements can be one of the most frustrating parts of working in affordable housing. With all of the funding programs and the myriad rules and regulations to follow, owners and managers often don't know where to begin. We have developed dozens of templates over the last ten years, all of which have been tested in nearly every state in the country, and are listed for each specific funding program and variations on HUD Section 8 such as the date the property assistance started. 

Take the mystery out of writing documents like Tenant Selection Plans, EIV Policy and Procedures, and many Maintenance Plans

Our template downloads come in a Microsoft Word format, making them easy to update with your specific property information and begin using immediately. Where relevant, please carefully review the document that you are purchasing to ensure that it is appropriate for your funding program. Check any local requirements or additional standards in your underwriting before the time of purchase. Due to the nature of these products, refunds will not be provided. 

Should HUD make update requirements to the document that you purchase within six months of your purchase date, we will provide you with an updated version of the same document, upon request. 

Never hesitate to contact us before purchasing a product from US Housing Consultants. 

HUD and LIHTC Compliance Templates

504 Checklist

Section 504/UFAS Checklist

Section 504 and UFAS Common Area/Site/Unit Checklist for determining if a site is meeting all handicapped accessibility requirements. This simple to follow form will walk you through all of the requirements.

EIV P and P

EIV Policy & Procedure

Our EIV Policy and Procedure template is updated with all of the most currnet HUD requirements; an easy to read Word doc that will take you through meeting the requirements and learning the process.

TSP property image

Tenant Selection Plan Downloads

Tenant Selection Plans (TSP) designed to comply with individual program requirements.

TSP documents are $124.99 per funding program

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