Property Condition Assessment

property condition assessment

Property Condition Assessments Services

Property Due Diligence for commercial properties starts with a thorough Property Condition Assessment. We have completed assessments on small, rural properties and large-scale urban properties - multifamily apartments, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. Size and location are not an issue, we provide expertise and insight on any property. 

Property owners need a forecast of future expenses for replacement of assets on their investment properties (including specific information about their building systems) and a Property Condition Assessment can provide a deep analysis of the property—both physically and financially. Our Property Condition Assessment is an irreplaceable tool for investors in commercial real estate, who need to perform due diligence on investment assets. First, they need to perform an analysis on the correct price for the property, and secondly, to ensure that the proper financial planning is in place. 

Property Due Diligence and Physical Needs Assessment

Our process for conducting a property condition assessment follows rigorous standards and methods:

  • A thorough physical inspection of all of the building exteriors, major mechanical, and grounds
  • A review of 25-100% of the dwelling units
  • An evaluation of planned site improvement and building improvements, including major rehab
  • A complete analysis of the property's needs under ADA, UFAS, ADAAG - Compliance with Barrier-Free Housing for Disabled/Handicapped Persons
  • Reviewing documentation about current code violations, REAC Inspection findings, and other Code Compliance

Establishing a complete assessment of the property based on physical observations, documentation from code compliance, and the owner/manager 

A Complete Technical Assessments in a Readable Format

The ASTM 2018 is the industry standard for Fannie Mae, HUD, Mortgage Banker's, and other assessment types. We used the ASTM standard to develop an assessment process that captures all aspects of HUD, USDA/RD, Fannie Mae, and CAI Reserve Specialist standards. Our custom property condition assessment includes:

  • A complete review of ADA/UFAS/ADAAG compliance in public areas and any designated ADA Units
  • A review of energy conversation practices and green building designs
  • A review of structural integrity of buildings
  • A review of the property's comparability to other similar products on the marketplace and any financial needs that need to be added to the budget to improve comparability

A Reliable and Comprehensible Document for Owners and Investors of Commercial and Multifamily Properties 

US Housing Consultants has worked with hundreds of owners and investors since 2005 and has provided thousands of assessments on properties throughout the country. If you are investing in a commercial or multifamily/affordable housing property, a Property Condition Assessment from US Housing Consultants will give you a complete understanding of the current and future needs of the property. Our team of professional inspectors and assessors can provide a complete assessment of your property in a few quick weeks and then work with you to ensure that the assessment properly covers all of the areas of your concern.

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 See Samples of our Property Condition Assessments and Reserve Studies

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