Capital Needs Assessment

Capital Needs Assessment - Reserve Studies

Get a Capital Needs Assessment that Makes Sense

A reserve study is an informative report that's geared to benefit developers, property managers, condo associations, or for anyone interested in investing in a piece of commercial or multifamily property.  Sometimes known as a Physical Needs Assessment, Full Reserve Study, or a Capital Needs Assessment, these physical inspections of a property provide invaluable information on the current condition of a property and what it will cost to keep the property properly funded for years into the future.

Our primary goal in all of our assessment services is to make sure your report is complete and clear. You have enough to do without having to decipher technical jargon in an effort to understand the objectives within your assessment report. By having a simpler and more comprehensible report, you can be better informed about the state of your property or association, and the work it will need in the future.

Depending on your preferences or requirements, we offer three different services to help you accomplish your assessment:

Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) 

This assessment is an extensive report in the ASTM E2018 Format or other state agency requirement and covers all aspects of the property's financial and physical planning from present-day through the next 20 years. The ASTM standards technical report is the industry standard for technical assessments. This format captures every location and every condition, including any code violations. It also reports on issues with handicapped accessibility, damage to the structures, or mechanical problems. We include any plans you might have for major rehabilitation, green building upgrades, and energy conservation projects. Our detailed reports include recommendations for replacement reserve and budgeting requirement

Due Diligence Inspections 

These are simple site visits where we inspect a sampling of units on multifamily properties and evaluate the condition of properties for potential investors. This is a lean and targeted inspection. It's a perfect solution for a pre-purchase evaluation for investors or financial institutions. It's also a great choice for stakeholders who are interested in determining if their assets are being managed properly. If needed or wanted, we can add a replacement reserve financial breakdown to our report.

Section 504 Barrier Free/UFAS Review 

This is a review of your property's public areas and units that have been set aside for handicapped and disabled persons. We can create a full review of your compliance with ADA/UFAS and create a transition plan for how you can best achieve the full barrier-free design. We can give you a breakdown of all of the actions that need to be taken and the costs for making the modifications. 

Whichever assessment you decide is best, you can be assured that we will be working closely with you to make sure our inspection meets your needs, timeline, and budget.

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