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Schedule of Seminars and Workshops

Training Seminars and Workshop Schedule

Join US Housing Consultants at our training seminars on HUD REAC/UPCS Inspections, and our HUD and Tax Credit Conquering Compliance Series. Our expert trainers can help you navigate the complex and constantly changing requirements in the affordable housing industry.  We offer full day training seminars throughout the country and regular webinars on REAC and HUD and LIHTC Compiance matters.

New REAC / NSPIRE Changes Require Much More Than a New Checklist. 

Join Us at one of our one-day Workshops on the changes to REAC Inspections. REAC rules have been steadily changing over the last three years. Now, HUD has indicated a series of new changes to the inspection process. HUD REAC is creating a new inspection protocol - NSPIRE, which promises to reinvent the entire process of inspections and appeals.

These new requirements will be much more than just an inspection checklist. Much of it will require new thinking on how properties are managed, developed, and financed. HUD expects properties to be maintained at full compliance every day. This will present new challenges for everyone involved, including a need for leadership which strives to empower management professionals to excel.

In these workshops, we will review both what needs to be done during this transition and what NSPIRE brings for the future. This covers much more than just tricks to get through a single inspection.


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