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HUD, LIHTC, USDA/RD, and REAC Reference Materials

Keeping up to date with all of the rules, regulations, handbooks, and manuals can be difficult. We keep it all right here for you.

HUD Handbooks change and are updated, then notices are added, and new clarifications are later added.  In can be hard to keep track. Everything you need to know for every funding program is listed here.  We have grouped the documents by funding program or subject matter. Just click on the links below to view or download documents that range from training materials for REAC Inspections, and memos on income verification changes, and rules and updates for the 8823 audit guide. Also key are important updates from industry partners, such as terrific resources on topics like HUD 2530 approval, HUD accounting standards, and legal enforcement on HUD and LIHTC Properties. Everything changes and staying up to date is the difference between in-compliance and too far behind.

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