Effective Applicant Intake Interviews


This insightful program will provide you with an easy-to-follow 10-step process to effectively and efficiently conduct applicant interviews. A listing of real life scenarios will be provided to assist with identifying discrepancies with the ultimate goal of ensuring eligibility.

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About the webinar

Application intake appointments are one of the most critical steps in making sure that your potential tenants not only qualify for the LIHTC or HUD program, but to also make sure, as potential residents, that they are educated on the program(s) that they will be benefiting from.

Streamlining the process, educating applicants and identifying and clarifying discrepancies will assist in avoiding delays and roadblocks with the application approval process. This is the first step to residency, ensure you are prepared and know what to look for.

Have you ever had an applicant disclose to not being a student, yet a credit report reflects current student loans?

How about an applicant who claims child support as income, yet no minors are part of the household?

Or an applicant who claims to have no assets, yet paycheck stubs show direct deposit into a checking account and/or reflects a 401(k) account?

These are just some of scenarios that are sometimes over-looked and can potentially affect eligibility or the level of benefits for your residents, and noncompliance issues for your property.

The tips and tricks presented during this webinar by industry vet, Andrea Champine will help you to identify these types of discrepancies, and will be provided along with suggestions of how to clarify and/or verify them.

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