Section 504/UFAS Checklist

504 Checklist


Section 504 and UFAS Common Area/Site/Unit Checklist for determining if a site is meeting all handicapped accessibility requirements. This simple to follow form will walk you through all of the requirements.

Section 504 and UFAS Self Evaluation Checklist

Need to determine if your property is in compliance with ADA, UFAS, and Section 504 requirements for handicapped and barrier-free design? With our easy to follow worksheet, you can evaluate any property by simply answering a few questions. A few quick measurements and you can determine what work you need to complete to be in full compliance. You can skip the long manuals, confusing codes and requirements, and just determine what needs to be done in a short inspection.

No Training Required. Simply Follow the Questions and Fill Out the Form

The Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards or UFAS, Section 504 of the Housing Act of 1973, and American Disability Act (ADA) contain literally thousands of pages about the details of requirements on every type of facility and property imaginable. Refining all of these requirements down into an understandable questions about a multifamily property. Instead of confusing diagrams, you will just have to answer relatively simple questions about measurements, sizes, and inclusions of items. All of the answers are Yes or No.

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