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Conquering HUD Compliance - Full Certification Course with ACE Exam

Conquering HUD Compliance for Multifamily Housing is a 16-hour course with an integrated exam. Amanda Gross created this HUD Compliance course to train housing professionals to stay in compliance at all times and become an expert in HUD Compliance

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LIHTC Fundamentals for Property Managers

Without Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) experience, even the most seasoned property management professionals can find themselves overwhelmed when taking on the management of a LIHTC property. In this 2.5 Hour course, Amanda Lee Gross and Scott Precourt will outline the fundamentals for someone new to LIHTC Management.

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USDA Rural Development (RD) Basics

Join Amanda Gross for this two-hour webinar on USDA’s Rural Development program. In this webinar, she’ll discuss what rural development programs are and how they work. This includes everything from leasing to rental assistance to determining household eligibility.

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Conquering the Fundamentals of HOME Compliance Self Paced Course

In this five-hour self-paced course, you will learn the fundamentals of the HOME Program. The HOME Program is the quiet hero of affordable housing. It often provides vital “gap funding” for LIHTC properties and in other scenarios, it can be used for workforce housing and other vital programs.

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Conquering HUD Compliance - What New Property Managers Need to Know

The management of a HUD MFH property is much more than just leasing units, collecting rents, and processing work orders. There is a myriad of additional requirements that must be followed to protect the project’s federal funding. This includes requirements that relate to student eligibility, determining income and rent, and so much more.

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Streamlined HUD Recerts - What they Are and How to Implement

In this 90-minute on-demand self-paced course, Amanda Lee Gross provides valuable information relating to the streamlining provision and s to implement these provisions at HUD Properties.

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New Income & Assets in Today’s Tech-Drive Gig Economy

In this two-hour session, Amanda Lee Gross discusses calculating gig income and how to treat peer-to-peer payment apps. New advancements in technology have changed how we live our lives, how we earn money, how we bank, and now how housing professionals determine rent and eligibility.

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Conquering Student Rules in Affordable Housing (LIHTC, HUD, RD, and HOME)

Whether you manage a LIHTC, HUD, USDA, or HOME Program property, an applicant’s student status affects their eligibility. Amanda Gross reviews the rules and requirements for each program and blended program student compliance.

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The Not-So-Average LIHTC Average Minimum Set Aside

The income averaging minimum set-aside election has provided a new approach to the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. In this course, Amanda Lee Gross breaks down this change to Section 42 of the IRC in an end format.

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Over-Income & Ineligible Households in Affordable Housing

We all know that a household must be income qualified to move into an affordable housing unit,
but sometimes even the most diligent compliance professional misses a detail or there is
misreporting by the resident and a household is admitted who is not income qualified

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Average Income Set-Aside Test Self-Paced Course

The income averaging minimum set-aside election has provided a new approach to the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. In this course, Amanda Lee Gross breaks down this change to Section 42 of the IRC in an end format. She also highlights the benefits and potential challenges that owners may face when making this important election.

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All Access Pass to Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System provides a wide array of courses on Fair Housing, REAC Inspections, HUD, USDA/RD, HOME, and Tax Credit Compliance. With this option, you can have access to all courses to take at your own pace and earn continuing education credits and certificates. You will also have access to new courses being added monthly.This subscription provides full access for three months and automatically renews at the end of the 120-day period.

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12.13.2022 | Visalia, CA

RD Compliance Certification​ Course on eligibility, from processing applications, income, assets, leasing, and student status

12.15.2022 | Webinar

Learn what you need to know for REAC Inspections before the implementation of NSPIRE in October of 2023. The current rules and requirements

01.10.2023 | Webinar

Learn about future of REAC Inspections once NSPIRE is implemented in 2023. Information about NSPIRE standards, scoring, and procedures

01.25.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to conduct effective tenant eligibility interviews for Affordable Housing Properties.

02.8.2023 | Webinar

Learn what types of household income must be included, and how to calculate income, when determining gross annual income for a household.

02.23.2023 | Webinar

Learn about reasonable accommodation requests for animals in affordable housing.

03.9.2023 | Webinar

Learn what is included as a household asset and how to calculate income from assets when determining a household’s gross annual income.

04.12.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to ensure compliance with LIHTC Income & Rent Restrictions when layered with another funding source, such as HUD, HOME or RD.

04.19.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to accurately determine a household’s allowable expenses and deductions for purposes of calculating adjusted income.

05.10.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to identify and correct AIT Non-Compliance to avoid credit loss from noncompliance.

06.7.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to calculate and verify gig income , crypto and peer-to-peer payment apps.

06.22.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to ensure a successful lease-up of an Acq/Rehab Project while also meeting and maintaining compliance with the Average Income Test

07.6.2023 | Webinar

Learn the student eligibility requirements for the 4 major affordable housing and the treatment of student income.

07.26.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to ensure compliance with both LIHTC and HOME regulations for AIT projects layered with HOME Funds.

08.3.2023 | Webinar

Learn the requirements related to the use of EIV, including when reports must be run and how to address discrepancies.

08.9.2023 | Webinar

In addition to reporting and deadlines, learn about the many compliance issues related to year end.

09.13.2023 | Webinar

Learn about the most common errors made in determining household eligibility.

09.27.2023 | Webinar

Learn best practices for how to prepare for an upcoming HUD Management & Occupancy Review (MOR).

10.4.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to use the Census Bureau’s website to generate reports to complete your Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plans (AFHMP).

10.25.2023 | Webinar

Learn best practices for ensuring tenant selection policies support the Fair Housing Act.

11.8.2023 | Webinar

Learn how to file special claims to collect funds that the owner is entitled to due to vacancy loss, unpaid rent and tenant damages.

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