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Busy schedules are a part of property management. Our on-demand webinars let you view previous live webinars on our schedule.

Tax Credit, HUD, USDA/RD Compliance On-Demand Webinars

Income & Rent Limits for Layered LIHTC Projects

Selecting the correct Income and Rent Limits for LIHTC projects is never easy. Still, when additional housing programs are also funding the project, the determination of the current limits can become very complicated and is further compounded by the consequences that apply when an owner/agent violates these limits. In this 90-minute webinar, Amanda Lee will discuss the Income Limit and Rent Limit requirements for the LIHTC program and will detail how to stay in compliance with the limit requirements for multiple housing programs.


LIHTC Fundamentals for Property Managers

Without Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) experience, even the most seasoned property management professionals can find themselves overwhelmed when taking on the management of a LIHTC property. In this 2.5 Hour minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross and Scott Precourt will outline the fundamentals for someone new to LIHTC Management.

$69 Per Person

Streamlined HUD Recerts - What they Are and How to Implement

In May of 2020, HUD published a Final Rule finalizing the regulatory language to implement the FAST Act which allows for streamlined recertifications. In this 90-minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross will provide valuable information relating to the streamlining provisions and provide guidance on how to implement these provisions at a HUD Multifamily Property

$69 Per Person

Conquering LIHTC Utility Allowance

Failing to use the correct utility allowance can cause the maximum rent for low-income units to be exceeded. In such situations, the owner must exclude these non-compliant units when claiming credits for the taxable year. In this 90-minute session, Amanda Lee Gross will delve deep into the utility allowance requirements applicable under the LIHTC program.

$49.00 Per Person

Top Five Eligibility Errors in Affordable Housing

Whether you are responsible for preparing tenant files or reviewing tenant files, chances are you have made a mistake in determining household eligibility. Mistakes will happen. The key is to learn from those mistakes. This 90 min webinar discusses best practices to prevent common errors.

$49.00 Per Person

Working with Gig Income for HUD and LIHTC Compliance

In this two-hour session, Amanda Lee Gross discusses calculating gig income and how to treat peer-to-peer payment apps. New advancements in technology have changed how we live our lives, how we earn money, how we bank, and now how housing professionals determine rent and eligibility.

$75.00 Per Person

Conducting Effective LIHTC Tenant File Audits Webinar

Proper compliance at LIHTC properties requires good regular procedures and effective and thorough audit techniques to ensure that nothing was missed. Even the smallest of details can lead to costly non-compliance, so whenever you do a LIHTC file review, it is vital to ensure that every possible error is identified and clearly explained.

$49.00 Per Person

The Average income Test for LIHTC Program - Updates

Amanda Gross breaks down the changes to the LIHTC Average income election and highlights the benefits and potential challenges with making this all-important election. We will also discuss the IRS proposed regulations, published 10/30/20, and the severe implication noncompliance would have on a project’s tax credits.

$49.00 Per Person

When Disaster Strikes - Understanding the impact of LIHTC Casualty Loss

Learn about the impact of casualty loss on LIHTC properties. When disaster strikes, it is imperative that immediate action be taken to protect the investment and maintain habitable status.

$49.00 Per Person

What's So Special About HUD Special Claims?

In this 90 minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross – VP of Training and Compliance Policy for US Housing Consultants – will provide the information needed in order to process special claims for vacancies after rent-up, unpaid rent, and damages.

$49.00 Per Person

Proper Financial Management USDA Projects

Many USDA/RD properties have shoestring budgets, and proper financial controls are essential. USDA requires financial tracking, budgetary controls, and replacement reserves. During this 3-hour webinar, Amanda Gross reviews the fundamentals of proper financial controls and management.

$49.00 Per Person

Tracking LIHTC Lease-ups– New Construction and Acquisition Rehab

Missing essential deadlines or not accurately tracking transfers can quickly throw a project out of compliance. Amanda Gross provides valuable information on what data needs to be collected and tracked when conducting a LIHTC Lease up.

$49.00 Per Person

Correcting Non-Compliance for LIHTC Projects

It is critical that LIHTC professionals understand how to identify and correct issues of noncompliance and the consequences of uncorrected compliance. In this webinar, learn about the consequences of noncompliance and how to identify, correct, and prevent these issues.

$49.00 Per Person

Conquering Adjusted Income and Tenant Rent (HUD & RD)

In this webinar, Amanda Lee will discuss the components of determining adjusted income and determining tenant rent for HUD, HOME, and USDA/RD. She’ll also review the impending changes regarding adjusted income will also be discussed.

$49.00 Per Person

Conquering Student Rules in Affordable Housing

Whether you manage a LIHTC, HUD, USDA, or HOME Program property, an applicant’s student status affects their eligibility. Amanda Gross reviews the rules and requirements for each program and blended program student compliance.

$49.00 Per Person

LIHTC Recertification and the Next Available Unit Rule

In this content-packed webinar, Amanda Lee reviews the recertification requirements that apply to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program and how recertifications can trigger the applicability of the Next Available Unit Rule.

$49.00 Per Person

The Not-So-Average LIHTC Average Minimum Set Aside

This webinar reviews the new “Income Averaging” Minimum Set-Aside election. Amanda Lee Gross breaks down the changes to Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code relating to this new election and does so in an easy-to-understand format.

$49.00 Per Person

Conquering Management & Occupancy Reviews (MOR)

Many of the most common findings on a Management Review include issues with Leasing and Occupancy, from income and asset calculation issues, EIV Issues, and proper documentation. Review best practices and practical tips for your next MOR.

$49.00 Per Person

Over-Income Households in Affordable Housing Webinar

We all know that a household must be income-qualified at move-in, but sometimes even the most diligent compliance professional misses a detail or there is misreporting by the resident and a household is admitted who is not income qualified

$49.00 Per Person

How to Conquer LIHTC Acquisition-Rehab

Tax Credit/LIHTC Housing Projects are aging and many are in need of rehab and recapitalization. The challenges that come with this are many, and the rules can be complex. Review the Acquisition Rehab rules for LIHTC Projects.

$49.00 Per Person
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