Complete UPCS (REAC) Standards Handbook

REAC ManualComprehensive UPCS Handbook


Understanding REAC Manual and Guidebook

The complete manual to the UPCS Code and the REAC Process, including all of the updates made in 2013. Each and every violation, detailed in what makes each area a violation, as well as how the deficiences score at different types of properties. This guidebook shows you the entire history of UPCS and REAC, the rules on inspections, scoring, appeals, and how to prepare for inspections.

All Intricacies of the UPCS Inspection Code in One Manual

The UPCS Inspection Code, or Uniform Physical Condition Standards, is the inspection code used by HUD Multifamily Section 8, Public Housing, Low Income Housing Tax Credits, USDA/RD, and HUD HOME Program. The UPCS Inspection code was created by the U.S. Congress in 1998 and has been amended in updates to the HUD REAC Compilation Bulletin, Memorandums, and Notices on the REAC website. HUD does not have a comprehensive manual for inspection like they have for asset management (4350.1) or Multifamily Programs (4350.3), so we created a manual that we use to explain to our clients and to keep track of the various updates, rules, and requirements all in one place - all in an orderly fashion

Comprehensive Guidance on UPCS Inspection Protocol

In our organized manual, you can find everything from an easy to follow table of contents, and quickly reference what the rule is for each item, as well as note any special notifications, rules, or other changes on that specific item or area. In this manual, you will be able to quickly reference:

  • How the UPCS Inspection Code is organized
  • What Defines Severity on Each Item
  • How many units are required for each REAC Inspection
  • What the rules are for each item and how to identify issues in each area


More 8823's Are Issues for Physical Non-Compliance Than For File Issues

Many Housing Finance Authorities tell us that owners and management companies are failing to recognize that the majority of 8823 Notice of Non-Compliance Filings are coming from issues of physical non-compliance - specifically non-compliance with the UPCS Inspection Code. Owners and management agents of LITHC funded programs should familiarize themselves with the UPCS Inspection Code and ensure that their properties are properly prepared and that their state agency cites issues in accordance with the UPCS requirements.

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