Both UPCS (REAC) Manuals - One Low Price

REAC Manuals


Get Both - Understanding REAC Manual and Guidebook plus Our UPCS Inspection Code Deficiency and Scoring Field Guide and Save


Understand all aspects of the UPCS Inspection Code from your desk and on the go

Understanding REAC Manual and Guidebook

The UPCS Inspection Code, or Uniform Physical Condition Standards, is the inspection code used by HUD Multifamily Section 8, Public Housing, Low-IncomeHousing Tax Credits, USDA/RD, and HUD HOME Program. Since HUD does not provide a manual to explain this difficult topic, we have created an in-depth handbook that explains:

  • How the UPCS Inspection Code is organized
  • How the severity is determined for each item
  • The number of units required for each REAC Inspection
  • And how to identify issues in each area

UPCS Inspection Code Field Guide

To help management and maintenance staff to identify crucial issues while on the go we have created and easy to use, pocket-sized guide outlining:

  • Exact language for every inspectable item in the UPCS code
  • And sample scoring for every deficiency, including both high-rise and low-rise buildings 

This is a unique, limited-time opportunity to get both of these useful manuals for the low price of only $39.99 - a savings of about 20%!


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