Online REAC Training Series



This is a self-led online training course created by US Housing Consultants and brought to you in conjunction with National Church Residences

Get the full five-part series for only $250

US Housing Consultants and National Church Residences deliver an online REAC training to use at your own pace 

This online training is a unique opportunity to experience a high level of information about preparing for a REAC Inspection, without having to attend a live presentation of the event. 

This course is informational and educational for anyone involved in affordable housing and appropriate for all members of your staff. You will walk away from this training with an understanding of  what a UPCS Inspection is, and practices that outline the fundamentals necessary to always keep your property in compliance.

The course includes:

  • an overview of the Areas covered during a REAC Inspection 
  • a basic explanation of REAC Scoring, how to best prepare for inspections
  • how to recognize issues, not just by "Levels" but instead by the deficiencies that inspectors are trained to look for
  • photographs and examples of many commonly occurring deficiencies 

In this in-depth, five-part UPCS and REAC online training series you will learn valuable information about all Areas of your property, including:


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