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Guidebooks to Affordable Housing Compliance

The rules and regulations of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program, HUD Housing Programs, and REAC Inspections are complex. It is important to have the right handbooks and field guides to navigate the difficult terrain of affordable housing compliance. Housing professionals learn to be their very best with the right tools, and we help provide them.

US Housing Consultant’s HUD Handbooks, REAC Field Guides, and policy guides will help you gain a better understanding of the requirements. Our manuals include Amanda Gross’’s unique color handbooks for HUD, USDA/RD, and LIHTC programs, which lay out the regulations in an easy to navigate format. All of our manuals include photographs, color printed guides, and real-life examples.

Having the right Tax Credit, REAC, and HUD Handbooks makes all the difference.  All of our manuals can be ordered on our online store and shipped to your home or office.


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