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Live Compliance Webinars

Webinars are a great way to stay up to date on new changes for HUD, Tax Credit, HOME, Rural Development, and REAC Compliance

Webinar: Multifamily HUD Compliance Fundamentals (8/17/21 1 PM ET)

The management of a HUD MFH property is much more than just leasing units, collecting rents, and processing work orders. There is a myriad of additional requirements that must be followed to protect the project’s federal funding. This includes requirements that relate to student eligibility, determining income and rent, and so much more. In this 5-Hour online workshop, Amanda Lee Gross will provide to new managers, what they need to know on day one on the job.

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Conquering Fair Housing and VAWA Compliance - 8/19/21 1-4 PM ET

Join Amanda Gross for this three-hour webinar on Fair Housing and VAWA fundamentals. In this webinar, she will review the essentials to understanding Fair Housing and VAWA compliance. This includes a review of the history of Fair Housing and civil rights legislation and requirements, as well as the inclusion of the violence against women’s act (VAWA) and how these requirements affect the management of affordable housing.

$200 Per Person ($75 Discount for Early Registration)

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Compliance Challenges for LIHTC/HOME Properties 10/7/21 - 1-3 PM

The majority of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Projects utilize HOME funds as gap-financing. While layering HOME funds with LIHTC is a great way to get a project funded, it can create compliance challenges for compliance professionals and the property staff managing the property. In this two-hour session, Amanda Lee will provide attendees the needed information to understand the differences in program regulations and how to maintain compliance with both program’s regulations

$99 Per Person

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REAC Today | NSPIRE Tomorrow | Inspection Ready Every Day - Live Workshops

Join us for a full-day live workshop this fall where we will discuss recent REAC updates, best practices, preparing for REAC inspections during these challenging times.  We’ll discuss what it takes for every member of your team

As always, REAC rules and expectations are always changing. After years of using a risk-based approach for REAC Inspections, it became apparent that there is a big difference between low-risk and high-quality. Learn about the new REAC rule changes and expectations and how you should best prepare for your next inspection.

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Conquering LIHTC Compliance and HCCP Exam

This engaging and interactive session utilizes numerous examples and exercises to ensure attendees complete the course with a thorough comprehension of the LIHTC requirements. Amanda uses current real-world examples with practical applications. She utilizes brilliant color manuals that organize the rules and regulations in a functional layout, which makes them easier to understand. Amanda uses exercises to ensure attendees finish the session with a thorough comprehension of how to determine household eligibility. Most importantly, she will show you how to maintain project compliance but why it is so important to do so.

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