REAC and UPCS Field Guide Version 3

UPCS field guide


UPCS Deficiency Field Guide with REAC Scoring

The Field Guide by US Housing is a pocket-sized booklet that you can carry with you and shows:

  • Exact language for every inspectable item in UPCS in an easy-to-read format
  • Every deficiency shows sample scoring for highrise & lowrise buildings 
  • 114 pages of important information, in a compact 5.8 x 4.1 booklet

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REAC and UPCS Pocket-Sized Field Guide 

This field guide of the HUD Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) is an easy-to-read summary of the inspection code that is used by HUD for REAC Inspections, as well as for Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties, USDA/RD projects, and HUD HOME Funded properties. A simple, pocket-sized guidebook through the sometimes complex inspection code, that can help you recognize issues and develop effective plans for preparing for your next inspection.

Get Prepared for Changes to HUD REAC Inspections from Compilation Bulletion 4.0 Version 3

With the new HUD Compilation Bulletion 4.0 Version 3, there are many changes to the HUD REAC Inspection Process and now is this time to get prepared for your next HUD REAC Inspeciton. With the penalities for a failed REAC Inspection more severe than ever, you cannot afford to assume that you are prepared because of how you may have performed in the past. With our updated REAC and UPCS Field Guide, you can understand what your inspectors will be looking for and how to best understand the REAC scoring model.

Updated with a new, easier to read format that can fit in your back pocket - check the UPCS Rules and Regulations while you are on the go.

Our easy-to-use UPCS Pocket Guide is a convenient, pocket-sized tool that shows you exactly what makes something a REAC violation and how many points each item would be for each a highrise and lowrise property. Whether you are managing a single property or a large portfolio, this mobile UPCS and REAC Reference guide will help you and your staff understand what to look for on REAC and UPCS Inspections. 

Always Know What REAC and UPCS Inspectors Are Looking For

With our UPCS Pocket Guide, everyone at your company will always know what REAC Inspectors are looking for, and you will be able to make decisions about what to repair based on the REAC scoring values and not simply "common sense". Learn about REAC Inspection deficiencies while you work, and turn your preparation of your property into a process where you are able to make educated decisions not a best guess. Buy a copy of our REAC and UPCS Pocket Guide today! 

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