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Staying up to Date Requires the Right Tools

Staying in compliance with assisted housing programs requires the right tools. This can be webinars and on-demand training courses, manuals, field guides, and regular newsletters that keep you up to date with all of the changes from HUD, the IRS for LIHTC Housing, and other industry updates. US Housing Consultants provides not just compliance consulting but also the best materials through our online services, you can view pre-recorded webinars, order the right manuals to provide you with reference and insight, and read up on new changes on our blog or newsletter.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Online learning for affordable housing has become an integral part of keeping up to date on new changes to HUD, REAC, and LIHTC rules and regulations. With your busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time to make every webinar. In those cases, you can view our webinars at your own schedule, all online. Our on-demand webinar can be accessed at any time, and we are always adding new webinars.

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The Score Newsletter

Keeping up to date on industry changes is key to staying prepared in affordable housing. Our industry newsletter provides regular updates as changes are implemented, proposed, and implemented. This includes rules and regulations on HUD, REAC, LIHTC, and Fair Housing requirements.  Sign up for our newsletter “The Score” to keep up to date on new rules and requirements.

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Manuals and Field Guides

Having the right reference materials is vital to staying in compliance with HUD and LIHTC/Section 42 rules and regulations. You can purchase any of our color manuals from our online store at any time. This includes handheld field guides for REAC inspection rules, brilliant color-printed manuals for USDA/RD, LIHTC, and Multifamily HUD. The manuals are not just a reprinting of information provided by HUD, but a guide to how to best work with those rules.

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