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REAC Appeals Can Turn Your Score Around

HUD REAC Inspections are performed on a wide variety of properties, from nursing homes to high-rises, in locations from Guam to Manhattan, and everywhere in between. To make this universal system work, a process to review the irregularities was created as part of REAC Inspections. This system allowed for appeals to accommodate a very specific reconsideration of deficiencies recorded for a number of reasons.

Knowing the REAC Appeal Process Rules Matters

The REAC appeals process allows HUD Public Housing or Multifamily Housing properties to request a change in score for a number of specific issues and reasons, including:

  • Ongoing Modernization
  • Issues Beyond Owner’s Control
  • Local Area Code Variance
  • Ownership Conflicts
  • Technical Issues/Inspector Error

The challenges of this process typically relate to the intricacies of the REAC scoring model, as well as the very specific rules used by the appeal reviewers at HUD. Our team of experts helps owners and management agents prepare effective appeals challenging failed scores and negative results that result in score changes and future inspection adjustments. These appeals can range from single issues to complex appeals that adjust a large number of items.

Demystifying the REAC Appeals Process

US Housing Consultants prepares hundreds of appeals a year, and through our vast experience, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. In many cases, the difference between a successful REAC appeal and a rejected one can revolve around a few misplaced words or failing to provide specific backup documentation. We work with our clients to take the fear and anxiety out of the process and create a plan that will produce the right results.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can, or should I appeal my inspection if I scored in the 80s?

    Yes, you can. You should, at least, look into your options for an appeal of every inspection; there is no restriction that prevents any property from submitting an appeal. Many inspections include deficiencies which are eligible for appeal, and you may not realize it. This can result in missed opportunities to address issues that can be automatically adjusted on future inspections.

  • I was cited for a perimeter fence that isn't mine, can I appeal it?

    Appeals on REAC Inspections are not reviewed with the REAC Inspector who completed the inspection. The technical review or database adjustment REAC Appeal is a process that is done by reviewing documentation and photographs only.

  • The resident damaged the stove and didn't tell me, is that appealable?

    No. Damage caused or related to tenant behavior is not considered a condition outside of the owner’s control, which would not make it eligible for a database adjustment. No conditions on your REAC report are eligible for appeal because of tenant involvement unless it can be verified with a police report to show the issue occurred within 48 hours of the REAC inspection; the police report would verify that it is a condition outside of the owner’s control.

  • When should I look at an inspection to see if an appeal is worthwhile?

    As soon as the inspection report is issued every report should be reviewed for a possible appeal. REAC Appeals can often include database adjustment items that can be applied to future inspections, and issues can sometimes be adjusted due to technical errors.

  • Can I file a REAC appeal if the result will not increase my score to the next threshold?

    Yes. Appeals are to adjust inconsistencies in the inspection protocol, not just to increase your score. There are many reasons to file an appeal, which include clarifying local code variances for future inspections, or simply informing HUD of a discrepancy.

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