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Our UPCS/Pre-REAC Inspections are Thorough and Informative

Success with HUD UPCS Inspections requires extensive experience. Our experience spans the last twenty years. We have performed inspections on tens of thousands of units for housing authorities, owners, and managers of affordable housing. Our experience earned us an industry-wide reputation for providing the most detailed reporting and thorough inspections. Our Pre-REAC Inspection experts will show you the worst-case scenario inspection, so nothing will ever be missed again.

HUD UPCS Inspections That Train and Explain

Creating a complete list of all of the issues on a property is sometimes the only way to determine what steps to take next. Our UPCS Inspection reports will show you every possible problem. Our reports all have detailed notes and photographs of the significant issues. With these tools, you will be able to develop effective plans to address all issues. Because effective preparation for REAC inspections starts with developing an effective plan and then executing that plan.

A Complete Report of Your Property’s Condition and REAC Risks

US Housing Consultants provides the highest quality inspections with the best long-term support. All of our inspectors are in-house employees (we do not use sub-contractors) who have received extensive training. They pass their training on during every inspection, explaining as you go through the property. Unlike our competitors, we do not pay our consultants by the unit. They take their time and do the job right, every time.

Our reports provide a vital tool for effective REAC inspection preparation. Firstly, we break down every single issue with notes and photographs and show the exact location of the issue. Secondly, we show why the issue violates the UPCS protocol and how to identify similar issues.  Thirdly, our reports give you an exact guide to properly addressing the issues. Because above all, UPCS inspection reports are about developing a plan to make properties better.

UPCS Inspections to Fulfill Annual Unit Inspection Requirements

HUD Properties need to inspect units annually to identify all of the issues and ensure timely repairs. These properties are required to have their units inspected using the UPCS Inspection Guidelines. This inspection protocol provides the units are in decent, safe, and sanitary condition.  Probably the most crucial aspect of these annual inspections is to ensure your property is always inspection-ready.

Professional UPCS Inspections, Service with Distinction

Rushing through UPCS Inspections creates incomplete results. Our inspection consultants always work quickly and efficiently, but never at the expense of quality or thoroughness. Most importantly, our inspectors take the time to explain the issues they found. They will show you ways to correct the issues and how to understand the requirements best.

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