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A Professional Hands-on HUD REAC Training Experience

Being prepared for REAC Inspections starts a thorough understanding of the requirements. It is vital to know what HUD Inspectors are looking for. With our Hands-On REAC Training, your staff will be provided a detailed experience to successfully prepare your company for REAC Inspections.

One of our experienced REAC Consultants will work with your staff to review the best ways to perform maintenance and inspection tasks on your properties and develop truly relevant best practices with hands-on REAC training. Because knowledge without action will not keep a property in compliance.

  • How to Properly Inspect Electrical Components
  • What to do before your REAC Inspections
  • What do the best REAC Inspectors Look for?
  • How Can I Tell what the Scoring Is for Deficiencies?

Being Prepared for REAC Starts with Knowing What Inspectors Look For

Our REAC Coaching provides a unique approach to teach property staff to keep their properties in compliance with REAC every day. Because helping supervisors understand ways to foster teamwork and collaboration is the key to lasting success. Our REAC Consultant will train you on how to perform testing on your property’s components and learn what to do to fix issues. Most importantly, we will work with your staff to understand more than just a checklist to follow but supply direction for them to lead.

What is Hands-on REAC Training?

Business practice coaching is about providing professionals with the tools to be their absolute best. It is about finding ways to truly excel in their position. Hands-on REAC Training is about developing the best practices for people, not just for their properties. First, we focus on observing existing procedures and identifying any areas which need improvement. Next, we review the existing knowledge and skills of the property staff and provide them with a thorough understanding of REAC requirements. Lastly, we put those lessons to work on their properties. Because working hands-on with your company provides clarity and insight into HUD’s requirements.

How Does REAC Executive Coaching Work?

REAC Executive Coaching is about preparing your company to always be prepared for HUD REAC Inspections. This includes working with departmental leaders to create best practices, and ways to keep a property in compliance every day. Good property maintenance is about more than work orders and inspection reports. Most importantly, it is about ensuring that a team of maintenance professionals know the right direction and are getting the support so they can do their very best.

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