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HUD’s New National Standards for Physical Inspection of Real Estate

In 2018, HUD indicated that the HUD REAC Inspection system would undertake a wholesale re-examination. As a result, HUD developed a new concept that would change the inspection process to be more about health and safety and quality of life for residents.  This concept has resulted in the development of NSPIRE – the National Standards for Physical Inspection of Real Estate.

When is NSPIRE Going Into Effect?

HUD has announced that as of October 1, 2023, NSPIRE will officially replace UPCS as the inspection protocol used by REAC Inspectors and will update 24 CFR 902.20 to reference NSPIRE as the inspection protocol used by Multifamily HUD and Public and Indian Housing.  Once the change has officially been adopted, owners and management agents will have a new standard of “Decent, Safe, and Sanitary” and new guidelines to meet physical standards.

NSPIRE Means Housing Compliance

The new physical inspection requirements are more than just a checklist. They’re a new way of thinking that everyone from executives to property managers, professional inspectors, and maintenance professionals need to understand. Those accustomed to conducting HQS and UPCS Inspections must understand the step-by-step requirements of what makes something a deficiency. They also need to know how to properly test the components. In short, everyone from the boardroom to the boiler room needs to thoroughly understand all NSPIRE standards.

Serious Changes Require Serious Curriculum

NSPIRE’s requirements for components will align with International Building Code (IBC), International Code Council (ICC), and UFAS/ADA Accessibility Requirements, as well as fire and life safety standards. The ACE Certification course addresses the basis for NSPIRE standards while conveying what the complete requirements are rather than simply glossing over the bare minimum standards. Without a complete deep-dive, properties could make changes to that meet NSPIRE standards but end up creating fair housing violations. The NSPIRE ACE Certification seminar provides a full understanding of all standards that is both comprehensive and clear to all.

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