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Four Hour Webinar: Conquering Fair Housing Compliance and Design Requirements

Learn About the Importance of Fair Housing Protections & the Basics of Fair Housing Design Requirements

Fair Housing Compliance training for everyone in your company.

In this webinar, Amanda Lee will discuss the history of Fair Housing and Civil Rights Laws. This will include a discussion of federally protected classes and actions that are prohibited.  Additionally, we’ll review protections for persons with disabilities,  what classes are protected under the Fair Housing Act.

Amanda will discuss those actions which are prohibited under the Fair Housing Act. This includes issues with steering applicants or residents, falsely denying availability, and refusing to rent to eligible households.

Fair Housing is part of every day of property management, from new applicants, interactions with existing residents, and it’s vital to understand what is and what isn’t permitted.

Does Your Property Meet Fair Housing Design Requirements?

Ensuring that your property meets the design requirements under the Fair Housing Act is vital. Public areas of your building need to be safe for all persons; this includes making sure accessible routes meet the correct measurements. Additionally, areas that are specifically designed as barrier-free must meet certain standards, which are often overlooked. Scott Precourt will review ADA and UFAS requirements and common mistakes.

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Fair Housing Compliance and Handicapped Accessibility Webinar

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At all of our compliance webinars, attendees will receive more than just world-class training. You will also receive the best training materials in the industry and a lively and interactive training environment. This includes,
• A certificate of attendance
• Knowledge checks and polls, and an interactive presentation

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