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Getting PHAs Ready for HOTMA and NSPIRE

HOTMA and NSPIRE represent massive changes for the affordable housing industry. Public Housing Agencies are far from immune to the impact. But as you know, it’s better to be prepared than scared. US Housing Consultants offers a suite of products that will help you ward off fear and achieve total compliance.

Revising ACOPs and Admin Plans to Meet the Challenges of HOTMA

Others offer templates intended to help PHAs write an Admissions and Continuing Occupancy Policy (ACOP) and an Administrative Plan for their voucher program. However, these templates only meet the letter of HUD’s requirements and don’t reflect the unique characteristics of a PHA and the area it serves.

We offer more

US Housing Consultants’ policy creation process is different, more thorough, and better. We include exploratory discussions and due diligence regarding a PHA’s portfolio, staff, operations, and the wants and needs of residents and HCV participants. In many cases, the ACOP and Admin plan become part of a larger strategic plan to modernize and streamline operations at Public Housing Authorities.

HOTMA created a host of new “discretionary” and “required” updates to ACOPs and Administrative Plans. We can help you make the required changes and give you the knowledge to understand what discretionary policies could mean to your PHA. But HOTMA is just the latest in a slew of past and future updates. This is why US Housing Consultants offers ACOP and Admin Plans as an annual service. We will always keep you up to date.

NSPIRE for Vouchers is More Than Just a New Checklist – It’s a Chance to Improve the Process

NSPIRE includes a new set of physical standards – and much more. Using NSPIRE standards, inspectors will be able to recognize the difference between true deficiencies and normal wear and tear.

Your NSPIRE updates should include uniform rules for how your agency performs inspections. When it comes to inspection procedures – transparency creates consistency, and consistency creates trust in the process.

With our NSPIRE for Vouchers implementation plan, you will learn all about NSPIRE policies and procedures, and be presented with an in-depth analysis of each NSPIRE standard. We will give you detailed examples of NSPIRE deficiencies and describe the requirements for each component inspected under NSPIRE step-by-step.

Getting the Message of NSPIRE for Vouchers Out to Landlords

Need to get your landlords onboard with NSPIRE for Vouchers? We are ready, willing, and more than able to create a professional explainer video that will quickly yet thoroughly explain the ins and outs of NSPIRE for Vouchers clearly and concisely.

Your video will go a long way toward putting landlords at ease by giving them the correct information in a format that’s far more interesting, captivating, and entertaining than a simple email, and more realistic than expecting landlords to attend a full-day training on NSPIRE.

Sample Explainer Videos

Professionally, produced videos customized to conform to your PHA.

Springfield Vermont 8:20

Springfield Vermont Housing Authority NSPIRE for Vouchers Explainer Video

NSPIRE For Vouchers 0:47

Implementation Plan Video

Rutland Vermont 8:11

NSPIRE for Vouchers Explainer Rutland

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