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Using the HUD Utility Schedule Model (HUSM) for Tax Credit and HOME Properties

Calculating Project Utility Allowances Using the HUD Utility Schedule Model

What is the HUD Utility Schedule Model (HUSM)

The HUD Utility Schedule Model (HUSM) is an allowable method for determining a utility allowance under the Low-Income Housing LIHTC program and the HOME Investment Partnership Program.

The current HUSM is a web application that uses correlations and regression techniques to calculate allowances for end-uses, as specified on form HUD-52667 (Allowances for Tenant-Furnished Utilities and Other Services).

What are the Benefits of using the HUD Utility Schedule Model?

Depending on the utility allowance method currently being used, the determination of the utility allowance using the HUSM model could potentially decrease the utility allowance for the units. This would then provide the owner with the ability to increase rents as applicable.

How does the HUD Utility Schedule Model Work?

This model uses data based on the Residential Energy Consumption Survey. This survey collections energy data of housing units, utility usage patterns, and household demographics.

This method considers specific data such as the project location and type, unit information, Energy Savings Design (Energy Star Certification, LEED Certification, Significant Green Retrofit), the utilities paid by tenants, and the utility tariffs, charges, and fees.

Sound Complicated? We Can Help!

We can provide quick and easy service to take you through the process. With just a little information, and with fast turnaround, we can complete your allowances for you. For more information on our utility allowance service, please contact Amanda Lee Gross at [email protected]

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