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Skilled Nursing Facilities and REAC

Skilled Nursing REAC Rules Change

Below is the official HUD email regarding this announcement: “This email pertains to REAC Physical Inspections and the Final Rule that was published recently. Please pass this email to anybody within your organization that deals with REAC inspections.”

This provision (24 CFR 200.855) is already applicable, and it limits the inspections on skilled nursing facilities (SNF’s). REAC is no longer performing routine physical inspections on SNF’s. Case-by-Case inspections are still available to HUD for extraordinary cases. In applying this provision, HUD is halting the inspections on facilities categorized in HUD’s database as SNF’s – we are using the Section of the Act (SOA)/Group Type in our iREMS system. This can include skilled nursing facilities that do have some non-skilled nursing units but are predominantly providing skilled nursing care.

In implementing this provision as expeditiously as possible, HUD is halting the scheduling of routine inspections of such facilities.

Additionally, HUD has directed the cancellation of:

(a) Properties where the previous inspection score is above 80, scheduled to occur between October 9th and November 8th (2013).

(b) inspections already scheduled to occur on or after November 9th on any such facilities, regardless of prior REAC score.

REAC inspections will be performed on properties with the previous inspection score under 60 until such a time that a passing score is achieved.

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