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NSPIRE Demonstration Program Extended Until 2023

An update was published in the Federal Register (24 CFR Parts 5 and 200 [Docket No. FR–6160–N–02]), September 28, 2021, “Notice of Continuation of Demonstration To Assess the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate and Associated Protocols“.

Through this notification, HUD announces the continuation of the Demonstration to Assess the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate and Associated Protocols through April 30, 2023. This demonstration allows HUD to test the NSPIRE standards and protocols as the means for assessing the physical conditions of HUD-assisted and HUD- insured housing. The continuation provides the authority to further evaluate and refine the future state of HUD’s physical inspection model. … The NSPIRE model will revise the way that HUD- assisted housing is inspected and evaluated to reduce regulatory burden and improve HUD oversight through a unified assessment of housing quality and a prioritization of resident health and safety.

The announcement also clarifies that additional extensions and changes may be added between now and April 30, 2023. Further, the announcement reiterates that program-specific and participant requirements outlined in the 2019 Notice continue to apply, including a general waiver from undergoing a UPCS inspection during the duration of the demonstration for participating properties.

Owners/managers who are not in the NSPIRE demonstration program should continue to follow the existing protocols of UPCS and HUD REAC Inspection Policies and Procedures.



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