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New US Housing Consultants Compliance Portal

On February 5, 2019, US Housing Consultants released a new private portal site for our File Review/Approval and HAP Processing Clients.  This new portal site replaces our previous portal which was managed through Salesforce’s native environment. This new portal is designed for our clients to start new file review cases and upload resident files, add comments, requests, and review past cases.
This new portal has more functionality, a modern look and feel, and a design which will allow us to add a lot more features, including reporting, greater security, and billing tracking for our file review/approval service. This new site can be found at
  • Regional and Corporate users can log-in to view all of their properties (assets) with a single login.
  • Up to eight contacts can be assigned to each property
  • Users can add files in one single workflow when adding a case.
  • There is an easy to use search option to quickly search through all previous and current cases.
  • Users will be able to view information about their property, including income limits and other documents that our analysts have stored about the property.
  • For system administration users, we will be adding a view to the portal where you will be able to see orders for each transaction
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