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New HUD Quality Assurance Process and Resident Notice Requirements

New Quality Assurance Inspection (QAI) Re-Inspection Process

Earlier this month, HUD instituted a new Quality Assurance Inspection (QAI) process, which may be done within five (5) days of the REAC inspection.

Effective February 3, 2020, REAC will be conducting Quality Assurance Inspection (QAI). A QAI is a re-inspection of a property by a federal inspector that has been recently inspected by a contractor. The QAI is generally within two business days of the contract inspection and is meant to assess the contractor’s performance using the same inspection protocol and the same sample used by the contract inspector.

During the QAI Inspection the HUD Quality Assurance Inspector may inquire about what the inspector found during the initial inspection if items were subsequently repaired, and other information about the REAC Contractor’s inspection. The Quality Assurance inspector will not have access to the original inspection, they will simply repeat the same unit sample and inspection process.
This notice does not create any new procedure for scoring on Quality Assurance Inspections so after the QAI Inspection, the property may receive either:

  • The original inspection report and score generated by the contract REAC Inspector
  • If the contractor was found to be out of standard, then the Quality Assurance Inspection Report and its score will be released – OR – the inspection can be excluded and another inspection ordered.

New Resident Notice Requirements

​On the REAC Inspection notice provided to the residents, you will now have to include a statement which addresses the following:

“Please notify your residents that for up to 5 days past the completion of the inspection a Quality Assurance inspection may be performed, requiring re-entry of a Quality Assurance inspector to the same units inspected on the original inspection.”

The following is suggested language for a resident-notice. We would also recommend sending a separate notice to the residents who were selected during the original REAC Inspection, informing them of the possibility of a re-inspection.

Please be aware that HUD may choose to do a re-inspection of the units selected for this inspection within five (5) business days of the inspection. In the event that your unit is selected during the original inspection, you may be subject to re-inspection afterward. Properties chosen for re-inspection are random and we do not know if our property will be selected. We will do our best to provide you with as much advance notice as possible prior to any re-inspection, however, we are limited by the notice provided by HUD.

New Emphasis on Quality Control

 These changes are continuing a process of increasing quality control procedures on REAC Inspections, looking to address inconsistency and poor performance by contracted REAC Inspectors.

The Quality Assurance (QA) reviews ensure that the inspector conducts the inspection of a HUD-insured or assisted property in accordance with the UPCS inspection protocol and that the results of the inspection are accurate and represent the physical condition of the property. QA reviews may be conducted at any time, including during the course of an inspection, after an inspection has been completed, or as a separate analysis independent of an inspection.

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