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HUD’s Big Inspection Plan to Catch Up on Past Due REACs

HUD has created a “Return To Operations 2.0″ for REAC Inspections that attempts to address the backlog of REAC Inspections that accumulated during COVID. This Return to Operations includes the ” Big Inspection Plan”, which lays out a map towards addressing the tremendous inspection need. You can download a presentation from HUD REAC Secretary Ashlee Sheriff by clicking here.

REAC, in consultation with its Program Partners, has developed the BIP – Big Inspection Plan – to drive the needed inspections across the portfolios and has defined the necessary people, process, and technology needed to complete the programmatic objectives. BIP’s core mission objective is to ensure that decent, safe, and sanitary housing is available to HUD’s assisted residents, supporting the Secretary’s priority to strengthen and broaden the Federal housing safety net for people in need.

The Big Inspection Plan aims to address the backlog in REAC Inspections throughout the next 18 months. This is being done by addressing high-priority properties first and then expanding the scope to include more properties.

Inspection operations are now well underway for the initial high priority Public Housing (PH) and Multifamily (MF) targets; REAC has completed 4,405 Inspections(4283 MF & 112 PH) as of October 22… [The] stage is now set to expand inspection operations further across the HUD portfolio:

  • Phase 1 focuses on the CY21 high priority properties
  • Phase 2 will launch in FY22 and continue into FY23 to complete initial inspections across the remainder of the PH and MF portfolios by 12/31/2022
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