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HUD COVID-19 Updates Q&A Guidance 4/14/20

New HUD Guidance Published

On April 14, HUD published another update to the HUD COVID-19 Q&A Document. (Click here to view)

This update includes several new questions and answers to help owners/agents manage the challenges of this public health crisis on affordable housing management.

Summary of HUD updates on COVID-19 Q&A Document

Below is a summary of the topics for which HUD provided Clarified:

  • HUD does not prohibit a tenant who is COVID-19 positive from returning to their unit until the tenant is negative.
  • An assisted property’s ability to utilize federal assistance to meet debt service and maintain project operations
  • The additional funding appropriated under the CARES Act to the Multifamily Housing Program
  • HUD waivers under the CARES Act
  • HUD’s role in the forbearance process for HUD Multifamily assisted housing properties
  • Clarified applicability of the eviction moratorium, which only prohibits eviction for non-payment rent, evictions for criminal activity, domestic violence, or other lease violations, is still permitted.
  • The temporary moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent, as well as a moratorium on charging fees and penalties related to non-payment of rent apply regardless if employment was directly or indirectly linked to COVID-19.
  • The treatment of abandoned units during the COVID-19 crisis
  • The handling of property inspections required due to Notice of Default
  • The processing of contract renewals and rent comparability studies
  • Actions allowed for owners creating a Utility Allowance (UA) baseline when utility companies do not respond
  • The eligibility of an assisted project to file Vacancy Claims due to COVID-19
  • Service coordinators working remotely and service coordinator layoffs
  • Visitor bans for assisted projects


WEBINAR 4/28/2020 | Income and Rent Limits for Layered LIHTC Projects

Join Amanda Gross for a webinar on April 28, 2020, on Income and Rent Limits for Blended LIHTC Properties. Selecting the correct Income and Rent Limits for LIHTC projects is never easy. Still, when additional housing programs are also funding the project, the determination of the current limits can become very complicated and is further compounded by the consequences that apply when an owner/agent violates these limits.

Income Limits and Gross Rent Restrictions Vary by Housing Program

In this webinar, Amanda Lee will discuss the Income Limit and Rent Limit requirements for the LIHTC program and will detail how to stay in compliance with the limit requirements for multiple housing programs.  Amanda will discuss maintaining compliance with MTSP Limits, including minimum set-aside election, hold harmless provision and HERA special limits. As well as, maintaining Compliance with RD, HUD, and Multifamily HUD Income Limits and Rents, and non-compliance with MTSP Limits and National Non-Metro Limits.

Sign Up for the webinar by clicking here.

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