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Conflicts of Interest on REAC Inspections

REAC Inspectors and Conflicts of Interest

What do you do if, during a REAC Inspection, the inspector says, “You know, I do consult on the side, and if you had hired me, things would be going much better right now?”

Is this a conflict of interest? – Yes.  Is this allowed? – No.

REAC Inspectors are not allowed to solicit any property that they have been assigned to and are banned from doing any work for that property or any affiliated company, for a year after that inspection. Any attempt to solicit your business during a REAC Inspection is strictly prohibited, and any change to your inspection, either positive or negative, could result in the REAC Inspector losing their active certification.

If any inspector either implicitly or subtlety tries to suggest that “if you don’t want to fail next time, you should call me”. This is a conflict of interest. You can tell the inspector you are not interested. If the solicitation attempts persist, or if the REAC Inspection “takes a turn for the worse”, you should contact the REAC Technical Assistance Center. You can reach the REAC TAC Center at 888-245-4860.

On any inspection, if the REAC inspector becomes aggressive or threatening, the best thing to do is to politely request a break. And then call the REAC TAC Center and ask for advice regarding what steps you can take.

Can You Appeal Conflict of Interest Issues?

Conflict of interest behavior is not the basis for an appeal. Appeals are based on the inspector’s findings, not their behavior. In short, we often tell our clients, “How does the inspector’s behavior explain how your door still works?” The REAC appeal process still needs to be based on verifiable facts.

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