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Conducting Post COVID-19 Quarantine Unit Safety Inspections

REAC Inspections are resuming in the near future, and many owners and management agents are grappling with catching up on months of deferred maintenance. Now that maintenance on units has to resume, where do you begin? You begin with safety – above everything else. For months, many owners narrowed their maintenance focus to tenant-reported safety issues. Now, in those areas where REAC inspections are resuming, it is an excellent time to address all the unreported hazards.

Pre-REAC Checklist for Unit Safety Inspections

The first step in getting back to full operation is to get a full assessment of what safety issues exist in your units. This starts with an inspection of units that focuses on the health and safety of the residents. Many of our clients have asked for a Pre-REAC Inspection Checklist that concentrates on these safety issues and helps prepare for a possible REAC Inspection.

Before you start your inspections, make sure that you have a comprehensive policy on the proper use of PPE to ensure that you are safely entering units. At the bare minimum, ensure that inspections include the use of masks and gloves. Next, remember that you don’t have to touch everything or test all items at this time. During these unique times, this inspection can be just about targeting safety concerns.

What Should Be The Focus Of Unit Safety Inspections?

We have created a checklist for our clients to help them address the areas which are commonly most at risk. The areas of focus include:

  • Physical Safety (Fire Alarms, Electrical Hazards, Blocked Egress)/
  • Health Safety (HVAC, Mold and Mildew, Infestation, Sharp Edges, Plumbing)
  • Security (Doors and Windows)

You can use this Pre-REAC Inspection Unit Safety checklist as a guide to focusing on the areas which have a direct impact on resident’s safety. These items are essential for several reasons. First, many of these items are not issues residents report to management. Secondly, some of these hazards can be hard to identify, such as dirty or damaged air filters, which is vitally important during COVID-19. Lastly, HUD and Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties require properties to meet UPCS Inspection Protocols.

Preparing for a Full Pre-REAC Inspection

If your property is in a “Green County” on REAC’s Heat-map and the property is due for a REAC Inspection, it’s time to get ready. Because REAC Inspections are resuming in early October. Many of our clients are starting to bring us in to do a formal and thorough Pre-REAC Inspection, which is a vital step in identifying all of the issues that have occurred during COVID-19 quarantine. However, owners and agents should not wait for a comprehensive Pre-REAC inspection report to get started. Using this Unit Safety Inspection checklist is a terrific way for properties to address frontline issues.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a Pre-REAC Inspection.

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