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Affordable Housing Industry Updates, Changes to HUD, LIHTC, REAC, and USDA/RD Requirements

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Joe Miksch | REAC Inspections

HUD Can Improve Its Oversight of the Physical Condition of Public Housing Developments

The HUD OIG audited Public Housing’s oversight of physical conditions. This audit includes insight into the shortcomings of REAC Inspections, HUD Field office oversight, and PHA’s self-inspections. Many issues cited on REAC inspection follow-up will be addressed with the implementation of NSPIRE, but the issue of consistent oversight of PHAs remains unaddressed by NSPIRE.  OIG […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

NSPIRE Final Notice Delivered: Changes Abound

HUD has heard your comments on NSPIRE and has produced over 200 pages of text titled “Economic Growth Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act: Implementation of National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE).” This Final Notice addresses the public comments before the final rule is enacted on October 1. Or, for Public […]

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Joe Miksch | REAC Inspections

Let Us Be Your Guide to NSPIRE

In this online resource library and downloadable manual, we have condensed the NSPIRE standards and organized the standards into a format that is more recognizable and removes some of the redundancies in HUD’s NSPIRE standards. Our Understanding NSPIRE Standards Manual reduces the standards from approximately 650 pages on HUD’s website to just under 70 pages.

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Joe Miksch | REAC Inspections

It’s Time to be Heard on NSPIRE

The public review and comment on the proposed NSPIRE physical inspection scoring and ranking methodology is now open. It closes April 27, 2023, and NSPIRE becomes the “law of the land” on Oct. 1, 2023. NSPIRE is the successor inspection protocol of the Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) and the Housing Quality Standards (HQS). The HQS […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

HUD Publishes NSPIRE Scoring Notice

HUD published the NSPIRE Scoring Notice requesting comments on the new scoring methodology.  As expected, the NSPIRE scoring methodology is considerably easier to understand and work with than under UPCS. HUD has developed the following table, which shall be applicable to all properties: The math is essentially as follows: For each of the categories above, […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

HUD APPS Flagging Process May be Flawed, Says OIG Audit

HUD DID NOT SUFFICIENTLY FLAG UNACCEPTABLE PHYSICAL CONDITIONS SCORES What happens when a property fails a REAC Inspection? “A lot” is the short but not particularly helpful answer. Let’s expand on that. When a REAC score comes in under 60, the remediation process requires the owner/agent to take appropriate steps to improve living conditions for […]

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