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The Restoration of the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Rule

On June 10, 2021, HUD published an Interim File Rule to restore the AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) rule that the previous administration gutted in 2020. What is AFFH? While the Fair Housing Act (Title VII CRA 1968) applies to all multi-family housing regardless of funding, additional requirements apply to HUD, thereby, HUD’s grantees. These […]

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Andrea Champine | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance

Employment Guidance for HUD and LIHTC Properties

Have you ever noticed that 3rd party Verification of Employment (VOE) forms and paycheck stubs don’t always match? What if your applicants don’t have 4-6 recent paycheck stubs? It is difficult to determine the best reasonable approach for calculating anticipated income when the information provided to you is insufficient. HUD Section 8 LIHTC HUD Section […]

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Andrea Champine | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance

Handling Issues with EIV Discrepancies

How to Handle the Complex World of EIV Discrepancies. In 2001, the President’s Management Agenda was released and established the reduction of erroneous payments as a key government-wide priority and required government agencies to measure improper payments annually, develop improvement targets and corrective actions and track results. Based on a HUD study, it was estimated […]

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Andrea Champine | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance

How to Handle Willful False Statements on Tenant Certifications

Section 1001 of Title 18 of the US Code makes it a criminal offense to make willful false statements or misrepresentations to any Department or Agency of the United States as to any matter within its jurisdiction. Did that get your attention? The determination of “willful” is often a gray area. Was a long-forgotten Christmas […]

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Scott Precourt | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance

New Category Added to SAVE Verification

New Category Added to SAVE Verification for DACA  The Department of Homeland Security’s SAVE system stands for Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements. All Multifamily property managers use this system to check the legal background of individuals applying for housing assistance. HUD has just been advised that in June 2012, DHS, through the United States Congress, […]

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Andrea Champine | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance

SSN Requirements HUD vs LIHTC

SSN Requirements in HUD vs. LIHTC Lately, we have had a lot of questions from our Certification Approval clients about the requirements of Social Security Number disclosure on LIHTC vs. HUD programs. The most complex part of performing Move-In File Audits on multiple funding programs is helping our clients to understand why the same family […]

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