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Protect and Renew the Community Reinvestment Act

Protect and Improve the Community Reinvestment Act  Financial regulators are reviewing proposed changes to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).  The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, FDIC, and Federal Reserve have published a joint Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR). Some of the proposals are quite positive. However, we fear some of the proposals will […]

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Scott Precourt | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance

HUD Announces Rule for Carbon Monoxide Detection

On January 31, 2022, HUD issued a notice (PIH Notice 2022-01), announcing that HUD will enforce the installation of carbon monoxide alarms or detectors in HUD-assisted housing by December 27, 2022. Essentially, this is the action plan of applying a law passed several years ago that required all HUD housing to meet or exceed carbon […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

HUD’s Big Inspection Plan to Catch Up on Past Due REACs

HUD has created a “Return To Operations 2.0″ for REAC Inspections that attempts to address the backlog of REAC Inspections that accumulated during COVID. This Return to Operations includes the ” Big Inspection Plan”, which lays out a map towards addressing the tremendous inspection need. You can download a presentation from HUD REAC Secretary Ashlee […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

NSPIRE Demonstration Program Extended Until 2023

An update was published in the Federal Register (24 CFR Parts 5 and 200 [Docket No. FR–6160–N–02]), September 28, 2021, “Notice of Continuation of Demonstration To Assess the National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate and Associated Protocols“. Through this notification, HUD announces the continuation of the Demonstration to Assess the National Standards for […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

What to Do When a Property Fails a REAC Inspection

When a property fails a REAC Inspection, the property owners and managers often take it personally. It can feel like a gut punch, and often the initial response is defensive. A defensive response is entirely normal; it’s even human. However, this response often gets property owner’s in trouble. So, the question is: what should you […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

HUD Releases an Amendment to COVID-19 Inspection Guidance

Notice: HUD has rescinded this notice under further notice. Please see the un-dated notice added to HUD’s website: On August 10, 2021, HUD released an Amendment to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inspection Guidance. This guidance provides specific safety protocols for REAC Inspectors and updates some of the rules and regulations around scheduling for REAC Inspections. This notice ends […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

REAC Posts New COVID-19 Safety and Scheduling Procedures

On April 27, 2021, HUD released a revised Q&A document and Inspector Notice 2021-01 about REAC Inspections during COVID-19 and several other useful documents. As we mentioned last week, the “14-day Notice” rule is now being modified by having HUD REAC notify the property that an inspection is upcoming at least 28 days before the […]

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