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HUD Publishes Updated COVID-19 Q&A, Addresses ERA Program

On July 29, 2021, HUD published an update to the COVID-19 Q&A  that started more than a year ago.  Many of the updates to existing questions were to clarify previously issued guidance and extend certain deadlines and waivers. The majority of the new questions added are regarding the Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Below is an overview […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

REAC Posts New COVID-19 Safety and Scheduling Procedures

On April 27, 2021, HUD released a revised Q&A document and Inspector Notice 2021-01 about REAC Inspections during COVID-19 and several other useful documents. As we mentioned last week, the “14-day Notice” rule is now being modified by having HUD REAC notify the property that an inspection is upcoming at least 28 days before the […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

REAC Inspections to Resume June 1, 2021

We received notice from our colleagues at NLHA today that REAC will resume UPCS physical inspections beginning on June 1. When this occurs, REAC will expand the 14-day notice of inspection to 28-days. HUD intends to prioritize high-risk properties and will inform affected owners beginning Monday, April 26, 2021. HUD has consulted with CDC to […]

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Scott Precourt | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance

COVID-19 Supplemental Payments for Property Owners

Available Supplemental Payments for Property Owners Today HUD published a revised notice “Continued Availability of Funds for COVID-19 Supplemental Payments for Properties Receiving Project-Based Rental Assistance under the Section 8, Section 202, or Section 811 Programs.” This notice allows for property owners to apply for funding to offset and reimburse expenditures made to combat COVID-19. […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

REAC Inspection Return to Operations to be Revised

Earlier this month, HUD REAC sent a notice to currently certified REAC Inspectors on the status of the Return to Operations plan. As many may remember, HUD REAC technically returned to operations in October of 2020, however, the status of the pandemic made the resumption of inspections very limited. Now, with the status of the […]

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Scott Precourt | REAC Inspections

HUD NSPIRE Standards Version 2.1 Released

HUD REAC has published an update to the NSPIRE standards – which is version 2.1. The previous version was 1.3, and in this new version, some of the standards in the previous versions have been changed dramatically, some subtly, and others have remained essentially as previously proposed. This update of the NSPIRE standards provides industry […]

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Scott Precourt | HUD and Tax Credit Compliance

New Proposed Rule Changes on NSPIRE for HUD Programs

A notice was published in the federal register on January 13, 2021, Docket No. FR-6086-P-01
24, related to NSPIRE implementation. This notice is applicable to several HUD funding programs, including HUD Multifamily Section 8, Public Housing, Voucher programs (HCV and PBV), HOME, Mod Rehab, Housing Trust Fund, and Office of Community Planning and Development Programs. CFR […]

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