REAC Appeals: Using Weather Condition to Adjust Your Score

 REAC Appeals: Using Weather Condition to Adjust Your Score

A client of ours in the Southwest recently came to us with a score of 34c on their REAC Inspection. They were understandably upset, as they had just spent over $40,000 on repairs and still received a failing score.

We reviewed their report and discovered that at the same time that this inspection had occurred, there had also been a rather significant tropical storm. We informed the client that with this information, they were eligible to use a database adjustment appeal citing "Conditions Outside of Management Control". They received an adjusted score of 76.

This is how we assisted our client in getting this adjustment (Reference Citation: 24 CFR Part 200.857)... We used the following materials:

  • Letter from Insurance Adjuster
  • Research Data on Storm Impact
  • Statement from General Contractor
  • Cover Letter from US Housing Consultants

We assisted the client with preparing a simple yet thorough cover letter that referenced the specific regulatory requirements, providing clear, concise reference material that showed (a) that there was a weather issue, (b) how it impacted the inspection, and (c) how it impacted the property.

If you receive a score on your REAC Inspection that is less than desirable (not just failing), maybe you could appeal and may not even know it. We prepare over 200 REAC Appeals a year and most appeals are for subjects and reasons that most of the housing world are not familiar with. Call us at 603-223-003 ext 103 or visit our website for more information.

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