Conflicts of Interest on REAC

 REAC Inspectors and Conflicts of Interest

Lately we have been receiving calls from clients who have run into the worst sort of problems with REAC Inspectors, and unfortunately, there aren't many good resolutions to these problems. The problems have all been related to REAC Inspectors who have decided to become "consultants", and are trying to coerce properties that they have been assigned to by REAC into hiring them as consultants. Sometimes this attempt has been aggressive, rude, and on several occasions, have resulted in false scores.

REAC Inspectors are not allowed to solicit any property that they have been assigned to, and are banned from doing any work for that property or any affiliated company, for a year after that inspection. Any attempt to solicit your business during a REAC Inspection is strictly prohibited, and any change to your inspection, either positive or negative, could result in the REAC Inspector losing their active certification.

If any inspector either implicitly or subtlety tries to suggest that "if you had hired me as your consultant, you would be doing much better now", or "if you don't want to fail next time, you should call me" - you should politely tell the inspector that they are not allowed to discuss their other services and that you would appreciate it if they did not attempt it again. If the solicitation attempts persist, or if the REAC Inspection "takes a turn for the worse", and the inspector becomes aggressive, threatening, or frustrated, then we recommend that you politely excuse yourself and call the REAC TAC Center and ask for advice regarding what steps you can take.

You should also be aware that if you are the unfortunate recipient of this sort of malfeasance; the fact that the inspector tried to solicit your business IS NOT the basis for an appeal. Do not try to appeal solely on the basis of the inspector's actions; because the basic rules for appeals still apply, regardless of the inspectors actions. In short, we often tell our clients, "I know that he did _____, but how does that explain why your door still works?"

If you need assistance with preparing for a REAC Inspection, give U.S. Housing Consultants a call today at 603-223-0003 and learn the secrets to getting the highest possible score on your next inspection.

Maintenance Plan and Bed Bug Policy Templates

U.S. Housing Consultants has added several new maintenance plan documents to our Document Store. We have added a comprehensive Maintenance Plan template that can be used to organize any Housing Authority or Management company maintenance department, from work order priorities, vacancy turnover processes, inspections, training, and more. We have also added documents for procedures and policies regarding Evictions, Bed Bugs, Vacancy Turnover, and many other processes. All of these forms are in Microsoft word format and are easy to format and change to your own specifications. Please call with any questions about these or any other policies.

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