REAC Preparation & Shadow

Preparing for a REAC Inspection

Thorough REAC Preparation Will Get You the Best Score Possible

US Housing Consultant's HUD REAC Inspection Preparation and Inspection Shadowing service are designed to perform an inspection the day before your HUD REAC and correct any deficiencies as a final preparation to ensure the best score possible. Our consultants will find and help you address all issues, working side-by-side with your staff. We will help you identify major issues and minor issues such as auxiliary lighting, door hardware, electrical hazards, and other items that might be otherwise overlooked, which can be the difference between passing and failing. Our consultant will ensure that your property is as ready as possible on the day of the HUD REAC inspection; our goal is to not find ways around the issues but to find ways to correct them and ensure a REAC high performer score.

Ensuring Your REAC Inspection Is Accurate and Professional

On the day of the REAC Inspection, our highly-trained staff will accompany the REAC inspector to ensure that the inspection is completed according to the UPCS inspection protocol. Whatever issues are found by the inspector, our consultant will ensure that the issues are properly identified. Most importantly, our consultant will help set a tone for the inspection—we will show the inspector that the property is ready and well prepared. We will also record the issues with digital images using our inspection software, InspectCheck, and produce a score for you at the end of the inspection.

Providing a Professional, Non-Combative Atmosphere

Many of our new clients have come to us mentioning bad experiences they have had with other consultants who offer this service. As one person put it: "It was like playing jazz on a banjo." Some people seem to misunderstand this to be a service that is about being combative or argumentative—we can assure you that it is not. In fact, the goal here is to get the property as ready as possible and make the REAC inspector's job go smoothly as well, to allow for the most beneficial outcome for all involved. Arguments don't produce good scores, good preparation and extensive understanding of the inspection process does - so our clients find that having us present just prior to and during the REAC inspection can take all of the stress, discomfort, and guesswork out of the equation. And of course, this results in vastly improved scores and an improved overall experience for everyone involved, including the REAC inspector.  

We work with your REAC inspector to ensure that the inspection is:
  • Time Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Low-Stress
  • Positive
Identifying and Documenting Potential Appeal Issues

We also make sure all issues that may require appeal are properly identified and adequately documented during your REAC inspection. You may not even know you have issues that could be appealed, thus accepting a score your property may not have deserved. More often than not, issues that can be appealed are often overlooked because the staff at the property was unaware the inspector was not following protocol accurately, or that they could be reversed by an appeal on the basis of a design conflict, local area code variance, or any of the other various allowable grounds for an appeal. Keep in mind that the REAC inspectors are not effectively trained on how appeals work or should be filed, so it's up to you to figure it out on your own, and the advice of your REAC inspector, in that case, could, in fact, be inaccurate, or ill-advised. Our professional representation throughout this entire process from start to finish allows you to effectively manage your REAC inspections and secure your property from an undeserved score every time.