Pre-REAC Inspection Services

Preparing for REAC Inspections

Pass Your Next REAC Inspection with Our Pre-REAC Inspection Services

Our Pre-REAC Inspection Service gives you the exact information you'll need to not only pass, but get a great score on your next REAC Inspection. We are the nation's premier REAC consulting firm because we help you and your staff to understand how the REAC Inspection scoring model works. Even if you have funding issues or time constraints, we can make a significant difference in how your property will score.

With pdf our Pre-REAC Inspection reports (6.43 MB) you will learn how to prepare your property using the math of the REAC scoring model. This approach is much more practical and productive than what you might think of as a common sense approach to the inspection process. Our Pre-REAC Inspection will help you create an intellegent preparation plan that will get your staff on a solid path towards success, without all the stress and anxiety that comes with preparing for REAC Inspections.

Never Fail a REAC Again

If you cannot afford to fail an upcoming REAC Inspection or simply never want to fail again, our Pre-REAC Inspection service will show you exactly what you need to do to prepare. Our Inspection Analysts use the most up-to-date inspection model when they perform their Pre-REAC Inspection of your property. We keep our Inspection Analysts current on how REAC Inspectors are scoring buildings on a national level, so you are thoroughly prepared. If it has been several years, or even several months since your last inspection, you may be preparing your property based upon an outdated inspection model.

Why Have Us Perform a Pre-REAC Inspection?

We have a long-established reputation for providing hundreds of clients with the highest quality of service and expertise. When you cannot afford to wonder if your consultant is better than the official Inspector, our inspectors will provide you with detailed information, and the most thorough inspection in the industry.

US Housing Consultants' Pre-REAC services provides you with:

• Reports that provide specific details, notes, and instructions within minutes of the completion of our inspection of your property

• A photograph report that shows you the most serious or difficult to find items in a simple PDF and Excel report

• Detailed explanations of why a deficiency was recorded and some of the best practices for making practical corrections

• Unparalleled experience and expertise in assessing worst-case scenarios and how to deal with them

Having a Pre-REAC Inspection is the most intelligent way you can prepare for your actual REAC Inspection. Having one of our Inspection Analysts come out first can save you money and time by helping you get a great REAC score. US Housing Consultants has performed tens of thousands of Pre-REACs; our Inspection Analysts provide the most detailed, thorough Pre-REAC Inspection available. Our Inspection Analyst staff is the best in the industry; there is simply no substitute.

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See Samples of our pdf Pre-REAC Inspection Report (6.43 MB) our pdf Pre-REAC Health and Safety Report (1.53 MB) , prioritize your inspection preparation with our pdf Pre-REAC Excel report (176 KB) and finally, make sure that you have all of the pdf documentation needed (280 KB) for your next REAC Inspection.