Complete UPCS Inspections

Pre-REAC Inspections with Modern Technology

Our UPCS Inspections are Thorough and Competitively Priced

A Complete Report of Your Property's Condition and REAC Risks

Our experience with HUD Uniform Standards (UPCS) spans the last ten years. We have performed inspections on tens of thousands of units for housing authorities, owners, and managers of affordable housing. We have established an industry-wide reputation throughout the country because we provide the most detailed reporting and thorough inspection in the industry. Our Pre-REAC Inspection experts will show you the worst-case scenario inspection, so nothing will ever be missed again.

Creating a complete list of all of the issues on a property is sometimes the only way to determine what steps to take next, and our 100% UPCS Inspection report will show you every possible issue, with detailed notes, and clearly indexed photographs of the major issues tied directly to the report.

Our costs are competitive and include the services that only our staff can provide - unlike our competitors, we don't use sub-contractors. All of our inspectors are US Housing Consultants employees whose training we oversee and their compensation is not related to the number of units they can complete in a day. US Housing Consultants provides the highest quality inspections with the best long-term support—and our clients are all high-performers.

Additionally, US Housing Consultants UPCS Inspectors:

• Can provide you with reports within minutes of your inspection being completed on each and every day. The reports can be in a PDF or Excel file and include specific and accurate scoring. 

• Take the time to explain the issues they found, show you ways to correct the problems, and how to best prepare for your UPCS inspections. 

• Work quickly and efficiently, but never at the expense of quality or thoroughness. 

Changes to PHA Requirements

"Because there is no longer an annual unit inspection requirement, PHA's now have the latitude to schedule unit inspections in a manner that can satisfy the statute's intent and simultaneously free up resources, especially those necessary to provide unit maintenance." (Reference PIH IRC, Jan 2012 Newsletter)

We have developed systems for PHA's that base their annual inspection of the areas of their REAC Inspections that have the highest number of points and greatest risk, creating a far more effective and efficient approach to REAC preparations. We have been long advocating an approach to Housing Authorities that gets away from annual inspections that just fulfill a paperwork requirement, and instead perform inspections that are based on a results-driven approach.

Get a complete UPCS Inspection from one of our trained and dedicated inspectors and get your detailed results the same day. The combination of our experience and expertise will save you time and money in your preparation for your UPCS inspection. Call us now for an appointment (603) 223-0003 or fill out our contact form and send it in.